I yell at pebbles…

I yell at pebbles. Perhaps you may have the concern that 2020 has gotten me completely off the rocker. I must assure you that I, a completely sane individual, yell at pebbles.

Perhaps you imagine an image of me bent over screaming my head off yelling at pebbles. I would say, that the image would be fairly correct. Now begs the question of why. Why do I yell at pebbles?

Pebbles have been the greatest source of my physical pain for the past few months. I’ve been skateboarding for quite a few months now to a point where I feel slightly confident in cruising down the street. No matter how skilled I get, or no matter how diligently I watch the road while skating, every now and then pebbles always find a way to absolutely wipe me clean off my skateboard.

There is no greater sense of dread than hearing your wheel get caught on a pebble and a few moments later you get thrown entirely off your board. There is no escaping the inevitable. You wait for it, brace for impact, and it comes. The bleeding, bruises and sore muscles are the aftermath. For the amount of times I’ve fallen from skating, I’ve learned to fall more safely. However, falling safely doesn’t take away from the point that you are falling and will eventually hit the pavement.

I’ve been skateboarding for a few months and personally I would have hoped to be at a competency where such falls are avoidable. Unfortunately the appearance of pebbles is agnostic to my skill level. The days where I feel most confident and focused are usually when I get cleaned by pebbles. The road always finds a way to humble me. After all that pent up frustration, sometimes I just got to yell at a pebble.

A page from the manga “Barakamon”

While I do not ride a unicycle, the page captures what it’s like for me every time a pebble comes my way. At the end of the day, I still enjoy and love skateboarding. In spite of my falls, I still have to get back up and keep improving.

There are times where I encounter metaphorical pebbles: these can be small offhanded comments, remarks that I will eventually regret, or just small hindrances which change the entire course of my life. Much of the time I might be doing well and these “pebbles” will throw me completely off balance. There are times where I can avoid them, and times where I can not.

Despite these metaphorical pebbles, part of the process is learning to fall safely. It is inevitable that I will make mistakes and slip ups. However, if I am going to fall onto the metaphorical pavement I might as well learn how to fall gracefully. Taking responsibility for my actions and taking the proper course to improve can make my falls a lot more graceful.

I still have to get back up after my fall. Life would be a lot less enjoyable if I spent my time stuck and moping on the metaphorical pavement. In spite of the pain, embarrassment and frustrations, I need to move forward and keep on growing.

Obviously I can’t yell at metaphorical pebbles.

But if you ever see me skateboarding out in public, there’s a chance I will end up yelling at some physical ones.

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