No Lives Matter, until All Lives Matter

Another tragedy struck the heart of the nation on March 16, 2021 — another mass murder in which 8 people were killed in Atlanta, Georgia by a mass murderer.

As the nation mourns and people are left feeling with a sense of loss and confusion, it seems that whenever such tragedies happen almost immediately afterwards a rapid influx of worthless pundits who’ve sold their humanity find it appropriate to insert their worthless opinions into the matter. Debates rage across the internet of whether or not these shootings were race instigated. Investigations rush into understanding the background of the shooter. Noise fills the ecosystem to distract from the loss of human life and mislead people into how to think and feel about the situation.

Was the shooting a hate-crime? Absolutely. Such violent actions are hate-crimes against humanity. The mass murder hates people. How absurd is it to suggest anything otherwise. No one murders 8 people because that person loves them.

It is natural to feel bad about situations like this. It is natural to feel upset, angry, and hurt. It is tempting to force away these feelings through wicked justifications — to make it go away. Cling to these feelings of discomfort, of sadness, of loss, and cling to these truths. A wrong has been committed.

Moving Forward

Any and all injustice is an injustice towards humanity. There is no place for moral relativism. The sufferings of one group does not invalidate the sufferings of another group. It is important to recognize that the sufferings exist and work together towards healing and progress.

Fuck the nicety. Do not let politeness and fear of confrontation get in the way of correction. A bad joke, problematic behavior, putting down of others, all such things need to be cut down and cut down absolutely. All such things need to be corrected, either with love or with a rod. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spare the rod, spoil the misogynists, bigots, and mass murderers.

Social media lights up with hashtags to raise awareness. I believe that it is an absolutely wonderful thing that so many people are raising awareness on such important issues. But let us not be satisfied with just an online presence, but have those attitudes guide our expression in how we interact and treat others.

No one should be hurt or treated poorly because of their background, ethnicity and color of their skin. The fight for equality, the fight for justice, the fight for love is most effective when we all participate.

In the words of Sun Tzu, “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.” No lives matter, until all lives matter. The fight worth fighting, and a life worth living for.

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